Monday, November 1, 2010

Hot Dog Pillowcase Ingredients and Recipe

So you want to make your own pillowcase? There's about eleventy hundred tutorials on the web. However, we can work towards making one if you need us to... after all guess what?

Our FIRST sew-a-thon is on Saturday!!!!!!

That's right! We want to give a great big shout out to our friend that wanted to do this as his BIRTHDAY PARTY. What a great kid! We shall bring you footage from this event sometime next week hopefully.

In other news, the paperwork has made it through everyone but the last person. Caramon, the Million Pillowcase Kid, set up an appointment to do that final step tomorrow night. Huzzah for being "official". Good timing with that sew-a-thon planned!

What do we need to make a pillowcase?

Well basically you just need some fabric and thread, but if you want to know what you need to make the cute pillowcases we've already shown you? Here's a supply list - this is the "hot dog" method which gives you lovely piping and everything:

  • 27 inches by Width of Fabric for body of pillowcase (this is roughly 3/4ths of a yard)
  • 10 inches by Width of Fabric for trim (roughly 1/3 of a yard, which is really 12 inches)
  • 1 1/2 - 2 inches by Width of Fabric for piping (I recommend 1/8th a yard, it's a little wider, but easier to work with)
Here's the directions without any nifty pictures for a tutorial. Please, comment if you would like a better tutorial. We can work on a video or pictures. We can try to work on this at the sew-a-thon on Saturday!

  1. Trim all pieces to the width of the shortest fabric. You are hoping to have it measure around 20-21 inches when folded! (This is important. Everything will just sew together faster if you go ahead and match your fabric widths! Trust me!)
  2. Fold piping in half lengthwise and iron.
  3. Stitch the piping to the body using 1/4 inch seam allowance.
  4. Roll the body of the case up jelly roll (swiss cake roll, yum!) fashion, from the raw edges to the edge with the piping. Pin in several places through all the layers just to hold it.
  5. Lay the trim face up on the table. Place the pillowcase body on top, matching the raw edge to your edge with the piping.
  6. Fold your trim body edge up and around and pin. (This is what makes your hot dog! Your trim is the "bun", your body is the "hot dog" and your piping is like the "ketchup". Can you see it? Great!)
  7. Stitch all the layers together. Don't forget to backstitch the ends!
  8. Now you have a tube. You gently push the insides through one end. This is kind of fun because there's a bit of a "pop" as you reach a breaking point and then poof, everything just comes out easy as anything.
  9. Iron everything flat. Feel free to topstitch if you feel the need, or add a decorative stitch. Or not. It's all the same.
  10. With WRONG sides together, stitch along the side opening using a scant 1/4 inch seam. Iron to one side, then turn inside out and iron right at the seam line.
  11. With RIGHT sides together, stitch a 3/8ths seam, encasing the previous seam. (This is a known as a French Seam and means you have no raw edges/exposed seams! Nice touch! Now you have fancy schmancy pillowcase in the making!)
  12. Repeat steps 10-11 for the bottom seam.
  13. Iron, take a picture, upload to the internet, and share with us... because... YOU ARE DONE!
Seriously, it is that easy.

I did find this tutorial which seems OK. Has loads of pictures.

Caramon is avidly collecting pillowcases, fabric, and items. If you are interested in helping out, please let us know. Our hope is to work hard this month and the start of December. We will log the pillowcases made at our local quilt store for the Million Pillowcase Challenge.

We already have 16 pillowcases we received in the mail. I look forward to updating that number this weekend!

--Lady O and Caramon, the Million Pillowcase Kid


  1. Thanks, Melyssa! I am bringing the fam to Manassas for a day to sew pillowcases as well. Susannah and I thought that the girls might like getting together. :) BTW I hate blogger. Right after I sent you the message about not getting email, I got the notification from my photoblog. But I never got notification here. I've checked and thank goodness there's no other comments. *SIGH* It should totally tell me when there are comments so I can reply!

  2. Pretty cool stuff! Good luck with getting pillow cases!

    I am stopping by and following your blog, hope you will visit and follow too at

    Two things about knowing when you get comments.. I usually check through the comment option through the dashboard throughout the day.. but another option.. you could choose to have your comments approved before they are published...that could serve as a heads up for you... just a thought!

    Hope your having a great weekend.