Wednesday, November 10, 2010

First Official Sew-A-Thon - With Pictures!

Ok, here we go! You ready?

The awesomeness kid of the day is our buddy J. He offered to let us invade his 11th birthday party and show the kids how to make pillowcases. He and his mom picked out some of the coolest fabrics. We had some of the coolest kids show up and we got a lot of good stuff accomplished!

One of the neighbours came over with ten pillowcases she made before the party. That was really cool. She also helped a little and plans to make more pillowcases. To our friends up north, thanks for working so hard on this project! Your support? Totally rocks! And gives us hope!

Joram, Caramon the Million Pillowcase Kid's brother, used his mad dog sewing skills to help us teach the other children and prepare the "hot dogs" for making. Mmmm hot dogs.

It was super crazy and super wild and SUPER FUN!

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to get how to photos. So no tutorial yet. We'll continue to work on this. I promise.

Now, are you ready for some photos? Yeah? Well here goes:

Million Pillowcase Challenge

Million Pillowcase Challenge

Million Pillowcase Challenge

Yup, it was super fun! Once again, THANK YOU!

Are you interested in hosting a Million Pillowcase Sew-A-Thon? Ask us what you need and if we can come!

We have to look at the calendar at our local church building to see when during the crazy holiday season we can host a sew-a-thon here in our town. I hope we can do something. My table is but only so big. We'll make it work if we need to!

--Lady Ozma and the Caramon, Million Pillowcase Kid


  1. I am so impressed by what your son is doing! I am going to talk to our RS to see what they think about participating in his project. We only live in a tiny branch, but we could help a little! :)

    (visiting from MMB)

  2. That's so cool! What a wonderful project for your son to do. I bet you are so proud : )

  3. this is a really great project, and congrats on your remission. Good luck on your project. you should see if the high school /jr high school's home ec (here it is called 'home & career' class can help out, sometimes they have groups or clubs or they can do it as a class project? doesnt hurt to ask?

    good luck,
    My daughter is also doing a Cancer Patient support project, knitting/crocheting Chemo Caps and Lap blankets for patients.

    this is a link to her story

    Take care,