Friday, October 8, 2010

Caramon and the Packages

We've had some great response to the Million Pillowcase Eagle Project idea. GREAT response! People are buzzing and that excites us all and is totally carrying us while we deal with the paperwork aspect of things.

So there we were on Monday, doing some schoolwork when the doorbell rang. Packages!

That's right! Caramon has two of the coolest Aunts ever! (In case anyone is wondering, Caramon thinks that all his Aunts top the cool chart and this just proved it.) We decided that his next vlog entry should be him opening the presents. His guest aide? Tenderfoot brother, Joram!

Check the two of them out as they enjoy opening the packages! And check out the loot!

I know we blew through three boxes, but we knew we were limited for time. You should see all of this stuff. It was awesome. After the video we enjoyed really looking at stuff.

Caramon loved the sixteen pillowcases. Some of these were super cute and some of these were awesomely cute and some of these were amazingly cute. So really? Sixteen super cute pillowcases! Some are flannel and way soft. There's camo pillowcases, sparkly pink pillowcases, pillowcases for littles, pillowcases for bigs. It's a great way to start off the pillowcase collection! Thank you so much to Caramon's amazing Aunts for their generosity and hard work!

You can see 16 pillowcases stacked up right here. Nice, right? What else was in the box? What WASN'T in the box? Let's just say that *someone* had a little bit of fun at the dollar store! Holy cow. We couldn't believe everything crammed into those boxes!

In fact it took us several tries to get everything BACK into the boxes. Super cool Aunts? We are impressed with your packing skills!

Some of the contents in the boxes:
  • folders
  • crayons
  • colored pencils
  • pads with paper games like tic-tac-toe, dots, and hangman
  • a bazillion silly bandz
  • army men
  • lego packets
  • crazy straws
  • notebooks
  • coloring books
  • activity books
  • puzzles
  • door hangers
  • cars
  • pencil sharpeners
  • pencils
  • cards
I'm probably missing something. Or a bunch of somethings. All I know, this is going to be great!

--Lady Ozma and Caramon, the Million Pillowcase Kid
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  1. I ,Caramon's aunt, challange everyone to get involved. Do something local to your area. Think of someone else and how you can help them. It was fun to go to the dollar store and think of how much fun someone would have with what I bought. I went through my stash finding peices of fabric I had finished with and paired them up. I enjoyed thinking about the type of child that would like the material I picked out. It was excitng finding the army men knowing I had already made the pillowcase. You may not be able to help Caramon but this is a nation wide cause or find a something you enjoy and donate to it. Just get invovled you will be amazed at the joy you will find in thinking of oters.

  2. You go, Caramon's Aunt! This is why we LOVE you! :)

    BTW This is probably going to become a blog entry. :)