Monday, September 27, 2010

Another "local" teen's video urges for help:

Caramon, the Million Pillowcase Kid, and I read this news article today about a DC Metro Area teenager that plays guitar, collecting money for a friend with not one but two cancers. This teenager has reached out on youtube to help generate votes for Arms Wide Open Childhood Cancer Foundation in the Pepsi Refresh Project.

This is something you can do... voting ends on September 30th. But really? It's free. And if Arms Wide Open Childhood Cancer Foundation wins, Pepsi will give them a grant to help fund research into pediatric cancer.

Why is this important? Pediatric Cancer gets such little national funding and the child mentioned? The treatment for her cancer is so toxic it actually gave her a second cancer. I mean, how awful is that?

I know we're generating a growing audience of people across the nation. It's truly amazing that you are sharing this blog with those you are close to. I know that many of you are just wanting to give Caramon moral support. Many of you have no real way of helping us with this Eagle project. This is something you CAN do to make a difference.

There's plenty of good causes vying for the grant from Pepsi. This is just the one that touches our hearts.

Here's the video:

--Lady Ozma and Caramon, the Million Pillowcase Kid

PS: Currently this charity is number 3 in the polls. The top two will receive $250k.

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